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Infinite Love Project-Be Kind Signs

Spreading Kindness One Heart, One Sign At A Time

Be Kind Sign

Everything works better when you are around kind and empathetic people.

To take positive action all we need is to understand a first step,
to see a sign...

Teachers are displaying Be Kind signs in their virtual classrooms
Musicians are putting signs on their amps
Restaurants are hanging signs as a reminder to be patient and kind
Home owners are putting signs in their front yards, on their porches and decks

What type of Be Kind Sign would you like to display? 


Be Kind Sign Store

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Custom Signs

Custom Signs are made to order...
Custom signs are designed and created to commemorate events, to celebrate, even to make a statement.

Hearts can be incorporated when making the signs and those hearts can then be given to people participating in an event/celebration/gathering as a reminder, as inspiration, as a keepsake to perpetuate positive energy.

Sizes and prices vary based on your objective (celebration, commemoration, outside display, inside display, etc.). Turnaround is usually within a week plus shipping or delivery time.

Use the info form below to tell us what sign you'd like: describe your party, event, fundraiser (including date and location) below and we will call you to complete the details.


Custom Signs Request

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Donate To Support The Be Kind Signs

If you love the idea of paying it forward and sharing a positive message you can support the Infinite Love Project and the Be Kind sign initiative with a donation! 100% of your donation goes to materials needed to create the signs that are randomly posted for all to see.