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Infinite Love Project 

Spreading Kindness One Heart, One Sign At A Time

Stuff We Need To Convey

We are humbled, grateful, and excited that people like you want to spread kindness and love!

So many people are joining in on this that it's becoming a business (the business of life, love, and kindness). We have to be good stewards as we continue to fund a giving way of life. And, the business manager is trying to help cover the costs of multitudes of Infinite Love Project hearts (over 16,000 so far).

Please know that every contribution you make (when getting additional hearts to give) is put back into the project. We are grateful for any and all assistance you can provide to keep this going.

Please also know that in trying to provide a lot of Infinite Love Project hearts for free and keep the positive energy going, the starter set is one per postal address and/or email address. You can get additional hearts by visiting our Give Hearts page.

The Infinite Love Project hearts are intended for people ages 3 years and up and are not edible.

Privacy Policy - We will never give or sell your info to anyone else, and only use it to communicate with you about Infinite Love Project activities.

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Email with any questions or comments.

Thank you for helping to create a kinder world!

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