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Infinite Love Project-Be Kind Signs

Spreading Kindness One Heart, One Sign At A Time

It Starts With Kindness

We are excited you received kindness and a heart!

Welcome to the Infinite Love Project!
It's the humble offering of kindness, peace and love from the positive energy of the Infinite Love Project family and people like you. The butterfly effect is real. Just like the ripples from a pebble tossed into a pond, one small act can effect so much.

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You Can Spread Kindness Too!

Most opportunities for acts of kindness are impromptu and random, and it's so easy to give a heart as a thank you when it happens to be in your pocket (or purse)! 

It's so helpful to walk out the of the house with a pocket full of hearts! 

Click here to get a set of Infinite Love Hearts!


Or Donate To Help

If you love the idea of paying it forward and sharing a positive message, yet not quite ready to act yourself, you can support the Infinite Love Project with a donation!

We are a start-up, no amount is too small, and 100% of your donation goes to materials needed to create the hearts and the signs.