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The Infinite Love Project family creates hearts with the infinity symbol (our art, and a registered trademark) which are then given to people we encounter as we go through our daily lives. We also create and install the BE KIND Signs with our Infinite Love Heart® to remind us all of the importance of that magical phrase.

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Making the world a kinder place

It is our seva to make the world a kinder place. We are grateful for the response to the Infinite Love Project! People across the U.S. are asking for hearts to pass out and signs to display to join in on spreading kindness and love. There are so many requests that Eric’s art, the hearts and signs, are now offered for purchase so we can cover costs to keep the message going.


Invoke active participation in acts of kindness, and the belief that the world can be changed by small acts, through word, deeds, and art, to raise the vibration of the community.


Everyone encourages and engages in dialog and action to create a positive collaborative reality.


All People, Collaboration, Creativity, Environment, Health, Honesty, Integrity, Kindness.


Manifest a kinder world. Collaborate with others to do the same.

The beginning of the infinite love project

The Infinite Love Project started as a small, genuine offering of kindness from Eric, aka The Chesapeake Craftsman and The Yoga Whisperer. He was giving out stickers and his unique wooden hearts to people he encountered. He was also creating custom signs with positive messages on commission and to give as gifts.

In January, 2020 he was reading about, hearing, and experiencing too much negativity and needed to counter that, reminding himself as well that everything is better when you are around kind and empathetic people. That is when, on a porch in Westminster, MD, the stencil art BE KIND sign boards and crayons were created.

Eric strives to live his seva and help us understand that, regardless of where we each are in our life journey, everyone here is deserving of love, empathy, compassion, kindness. That is what should ground us all. We are humbled that Eric’s art has become a positive symbol people want to share.

Now people like you are becoming Kindness Envoys to pass out hearts and display signs as a reminder that we have commonality and we need to connect and communicate on that positive basis.

Thank you for helping us spread kindness and pay it forward!

Eric Hyde Miller, Co-Founder/CKO
Tina Thomas, Co-Founder/CEO




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